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Essential Gear for the Discerning Lumbersexual – Is This You??

So apparently I’m out of the loop, or have been living in a cave or something like that because I just learned of the existence of the “lumbersexual” trend which I’m told is all the rage these days. A bit of research reveals that it is basically a new brand of hipster, a metrosexual with

Flannel History

Flannel has a long and glorious history with appearances in many parts of the world going back many centuries and in that time it has gone from being just a simple fabric for keeping warm, to an essential fashion accessory adorning many a celebrity .

Flannel Shirt for Men

When you’re looking for a new flannel shirt you always want quality, both in the workmanship and in the grade of fabric used and in the case of this Carhartt hubbard flannel shirt you get both of those in large measure. Read on for our review of this shirt..