Men’s Heavyweight Flannel Shirt

Heavyweight Flannel Shirt for Men

When shopping for high quality flannel shirts there are some brand names which keep cropping up and one of those is of course Carharrt who have a large range in various weights such as this great heavyweight flannel shirt for men. Read on for our review..



Key Features

  • 100% Cotton
  • 8 ounce flannel
  • Triple-stitched seams
  • Two buttoned chest pockets
  • Not plaid!

Starting with that last feature – the keenly observant will have noticed from the photo that this flannel shirt is in fact not plaid or any form of tartan! Contrary to popular belief, not all flannel is plaid and this shirt is a prime example of that, which proves the case indisputably to any who may have doubted. This one is actually available in brown or a very stylish black which always looks good in any situation and also allows you to unleash your inner goth should you feel the need.

I do understand however that those of you with Celtic roots may find the very idea of flannel shirts not being plaid to be nothing short of sacrilegious but fear not as Carharrt has you covered – they have enough tartans to satisfy even the most ardent highlander and we review several of them on this site so check them out if this shirt doesn’t tickle your fancy.

This shirt also features two chest pockets, but more usefully these pockets have buttoned flaps which are really essential – the last thing you want is for your expensive smartphone to slide into the toilet or shatter on the floor due to the lack of a simple button on your shirt pocket! You’ll have no such worries with this excellent shirt which covers all the angles.

The unmatched quality of material and workmanship is evident throughout this item (as one would expect from Carharrt) with its 8 ounce flannel, 100% cotton and triple-stitched seams to ensure it wont disintegrate after wearing a few times. This one is built to last and will not only look good but will last you for years of work and play.



Really the only criticism anyone has of this particular shirt is that it is not soft enough.. given that this is clearly sold as a “heavyweight” flannel it should not be overly surprising to hear that it isn’t as soft as some lightweight fabrics but that is not a problem, it is a feature. This is a high quality, heavy duty and very long lasting shirt for the most manly of men who don’t complain about the fabric not being soft enough for their delicate skin! ūüėČ Truth be told though even the softest skinned metro male will have no problem with this stylish flannel shirt since it soon softens up and in most cases it would be worn over a vest or t-shirt anyway so it is simply a non-issue.


Buyer Feedback

  • “Terrific , solid shirt!”
  • “Like a warm hug.”
  • “Amazing shirt!”
  • “My husband loves it!”
  • “Beautiful shirt, soft, heavy weight, very well-made

Read more customer reviews here where you can see it is in fact very highly rated amongst buyers and with good reason.


Where to Buy

Without a doubt the best place to¬†buy online¬†is from Amazon who have an enormous range of products, including clothing such as this flannel shirt (not just books!) and have brilliant customer service – any time I’ve had a problem with an order a quick email was all it took to fix it, they really do know how to keep their customers happy.