Go Green

st-patricks-daySpeaking of Limerick it’s St Patrick’s Day very soon and that means excessive quantities of beer will be consumed, not to mention whiskey and maybe even some Poitín (or Poteen or Pochin) for the bravest drinkers.. all this quaffing of ale will naturally be done whilst decked out in the latest in St Patrick’s Day fashions and costumes and that generally means green t-shirts, green hats, green sweatshirts, green jackets etc. all of which should be decorated with shamrocks and/or leprechauns and/or funny quotes about being drunk or irish or both or requesting a kiss, spank or lucky rub or apologizing in advance for unruly behaviour..

I am sure you are all eager to join in the festivities and so you will need to be suitably attired – fortunately you can now buy all your Irish drinking clothes online so nobody need ever know about that “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt you’re itching to buy! 😉