Flannel Shirt for Men

Flannel Shirt for MenWhen you’re looking for a new flannel shirt you always want quality, both in the workmanship and in the grade of fabric used and in the case of this Carhartt hubbard flannel shirt you get both of those in large measure. Read on for our review of this shirt..


Key Features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • 8 ounce fabric
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Buttoned chest pockets
  • Ring-spun flannel
  • Plaid

Unlike the other flannel shirt we reviewed earlier, this one is actually plaid and also comes in several varieties and so there should be at least one there which will appeal to everyone. Officially described as “rugged but comfortable”, the customer reviews certainly support that claim as you can see here where many people have commented on how comfortable and warm it is while also being heavy duty and durable.

This shirt also has adjustable cuffs with two buttons which help ensure a good fit, along with button down pockets (with flaps) which enhance utility considerably – there’s nothing more useless than shirt pockets with no system for keeping their contents securely inside! Fortunately for all of us, that is an issue which does not afflict this shirt at all.

Flannel shirt for men - back viewA further enhancement includes a back yoke with a centered box pleat which provides for much improved ease of movement – a must have feature if you plan to wear this for work or indeed be in any way active! If you plan to just wear this while sat in front of the TV then such design features may not make much difference but otherwise this is a great thing which you will no doubt appreciate.

Overall this is a great looking shirt with excellent cut and build quality which is both functional and comfortable for any situation, whether that be working on the rigs, cutting down trees in alaska, taking the dog for a walk in the local park or just hanging out in town – a shirt for all occasions!


Customer Feedback

  • “A very durable shirt. I recommend it!”
  • “It’s thick, warm, and well constructed”
  • “Really nice shirt”
  • “Carhartt Quality!”
  • “Man shirt, he loves it!”

Clearly this is a popular shirt, much appreciated by previous buyers and as it is made by Carhartt you know it is always going to be good quality and also damn good value for money! It is available in several styles of plaid and many different sizes from small to man mountain so finding one to suit will be an easy and worthwhile task.