No doubt you have a few questions in mind about flannel shirts specifically or even just flannel in general and hopefully you will find answers below but if not then let us know and we’ll be sure to update this FAQ..


What is Flannel Shirts HQ?

This site aims to be the one stop place to go for all you ever wanted to know about flannel shirts and will include a variety of informational articles as well as flannel shirt reviews of a number of products available to purchase online.


What is flannel?

Flannel is simply a type of soft fabric which is traditionally woven from wool, however these days it is more commonly made from cotton or sometimes even synthetics. The softness associated with flannel is often a result of a special brushing process which produces fine fibers.


What does the weight mean?

When shopping for flannel clothing you will often see a weight mentioned such as “5.5-ounce” and this refers to the weight of the fabric or in other words the quality – the heavier the fabric the higher the quality.


What is good quality flannel?

A good quality fabric is one which is 100% cotton (or wool) and with a higher weight. Needless to say the heavier duty fabrics will last longer and so provide better value for money. Typically the grade of flannel used in work clothes will be heavier to cope with the increased wear and tear they are subjected to however they don’t have to be specifically “work clothes” to be made with high quality fabric.


Is flannel the same as plaid?

It is a common misconception that flannel fabric is always plaid or tartan but this is simply not the case although many flannel shirts are indeed plaid. Here for example is a stylish and high quality flannel shirt which is available in plain black or brown.


Is it safe to buy flannel shirts online?

Absolutely! With certain caveats of course – make sure to buy from a reputable seller and read the product reviews to see what previous buyers think of their purchase. We would always recommend you buy from Amazon as they have unparalleled customer service as well as a huge range of flannel shirts and countless other products.


Are flannel shirts only for Canadian lumberjacks, eh?

Nope! High quality, well designed and constructed flannel shirts look great on anyone, male or female, young or old, whether they are cutting down trees or chilling in a trendy bar or anywhere else. You simply can’t go wrong with flannel shirts as they look great all the time and last for ages so no wardrobe would be complete without a good selection of flannel shirts.


Do flannel shirts come in plain colours instead of plaid?

Yes they do indeed, as in the example above you can get them in black or brown but also they are available in many other other colours as well as patterns.