Essential Gear for the Discerning Lumbersexual – Is This You??

So apparently I’m out of the loop, or have been living in a cave or something like that because I just learned of the existence of the “lumbersexual” trend which I’m told is all the rage these days. A bit of research reveals that it is basically a new brand of hipster, a metrosexual with

Flannel Shirt for Men

When you’re looking for a new flannel shirt you always want quality, both in the workmanship and in the grade of fabric used and in the case of this Carhartt hubbard flannel shirt you get both of those in large measure. Read on for our review of this shirt..

Women’s Flannel Shirt

This sassy little number is a midweight flannel shirt for women which is made by Carhartt, a purveyor of the finest in modern flannel clothing of which this is an exceedingly fine example. Read on for our review..

Men’s Heavyweight Flannel Shirt

When shopping for high quality flannel shirts there are some brand names which keep cropping up and one of those is of course Carharrt who have a large range in various weights such as this great heavyweight flannel shirt for men. Read on for our review..

What to do with Old Flannel

You may be wondering where to buy flannel shirts online now or you may already have bought some in the past but there comes a time in the exciting life of every flannel shirt when it has to be finally retired from active duty. That day when even your best quality heavy duty flannel shirt

Winter Flannel

As summer winds down and winter is fast approaching, it’s about time to unleash your inner flannel to keep warm on those cold dark winter days (and nights). Heavy duty flannel shirts are of course in their element in the winter, and there’s plenty to choose from for men and women but naturally not all

Go Green

Speaking of Limerick it’s St Patrick’s Day very soon and that means excessive quantities of beer will be consumed, not to mention whiskey and maybe even some Poitín (or Poteen or Pochin) for the bravest drinkers.. all this quaffing of ale will naturally be done whilst decked out in the latest in St Patrick’s Day fashions and

Flannel Limerick

Today I’m feeling a little bit lyrical and also have just had my morning dose of extra strong coffee, so I decided to write a little limerick, about flannel of course..